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New Homes - Eco Homes


With energy prices always increasing through the unrelenting depletion of the world's natural resources, eco-homes will become a necessity over the next quarter of a century. This 'Practice' has undertaken two eco-homes. These have been a 3-bedroom domestic property in London and a 6 bedroom domestic property in the Kirklees area. The practice has gained a full insight into advanced level eco build and what technologies are available.





Eco Technologies for the Client

There are now a multitude of eco technologies coming onto the market but the the main technologies are,

1. Eco Walls - highly efficient walls that have zero emissions rating

2. Solar Panels - photovoltaic panels for electricity provision for heating, lighting and hot water

3. Under floor heating

4. Cavity heating, ventilation, cooled environment and air conditioning

5. Heat pumps and coils

6. Rainwater harvesting systems

7. Biomass heating systems

8. High efficiency insulations

9. Solar glazing

10. Eco monitoring equipment


Planning and Building Regulation's Approvals

See Planning and Building Regulations Approvals - Note that local authorities welcome eco-developments and are supportive of such design schemes.


Government Grants

There are several government grants available but where they are limited. It is therefore advised to submit an appropriate application for grants at a very early stage.

These grants can involve several thousands of pounds in grant aid and therefore are an incentive to adopt eco-technologies.

This 'Practice' will advise the client on what is available and submit the relevant applications on behalf of the client.


Integrated System of Development

The success of an eco-home is dependent upon a fully integrated system of development. Therefore all eco-technologies and their effect on the structure have to be fully understood and the necessary adjustments made.

Lead-times for specialist products cannot be over emphasised and where to enable eco-houses to be built within acceptable time scales, early decisions and orders placed are a pre-requisite. 

Our practice will integrate all necessary elements of the required specialist work within the project's programme. Programming is undertaken by the 'Practice' as part of its extensive services.


The 'Dutch' System

The Netherlands is at the forefront of eco-housing in the EU. The 'Practice' works with specialist providers from Holland that are more advanced than many UK products. These products are no more costly than conventional British products and in some case, costs less.

The advantage we have found of utilizing these 'Dutch' systems is that they are quicker to build, lower cost and highly energy efficient.

The 'Practice' negotiates on behalf of the client with our 'Dutch' suppliers the best possible prices and delivery periods.




Delivery of Product

The completion of an eco-home, with proper project management, takes the same time as a conventional domestic property and in some cases can be less.  



Office Contact - 01484.461193                          

Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                        





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