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Site Engineering - Setting out of buildings et al



The accurate setting out and levelling of buildings is an important aspect, as the consequences can be highly damaging in a financial context. This could be in the form of boundary disputes with your neighbours, disputes with the local planning officer and council, infringements on land not owned by yourselves and many other reasons.  





This 'Practice' undertakes both complete setting out and levelling duties together with the checking of other people's work - other consultants for a 2nd opinion and builders. Buildings that we have undertaken these services on include residential housing, commercial and industrial buildings.



Cost of Site Engineering Services

  • Single residential detached property - 450 > 550
  • Single commercial and industrial building - 500 > 650
  • Residential roads and sewers up to 4no. dwellings or medium sized commercial building - 450 > 600
  • Larger projects - are negotiable with the client







Office Contact - 01484.461193                          


Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                






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