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Estimating - For Project Costs & to Set Financial Budgets for the Client


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Estimating - Project Costs & Setting Accurate Client Budgets



The 'Practice' undertakes detailed analytical and accurate estimating to set the client's 'budget' for both submissions to financial institutions and to set the client's development costs from day-one. In that way the client is under no illusions to what the projected costs might be. Therefore at this stage the client has peace-of-mind to determine whether he or she wishes to proceed further or not.


Although we refer to standard price books for checks prices, we predominantly use present-worth costings derived from current construction projects. In this way the costs are far more accurate than by using standard costing publications which at times, underestimate or exceed what the actual construction costs will be. These disparities as we understand, can either stop a project 'in the bud' or can cause extensive financial problems for the client when the true and reality costs are eventually found out.



1. Project range 50,000 > 1 million - approximately 400 to 750

2. Project range 1million > 5 million - approximately 750 to 3,500

3. Over 5 million - negotiable with the client




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Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                






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