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Project Certification - for Financial Institutions



Banks and building societies when lending money for development, whether it be a domestic property or a commercial venture, require that their loans are secure and used for the purpose that the loan was intended. They also need to know that the building works are constructed according to the drawings and in full accordance with the Building Act 1984 with Amendments.


In terms of security this 'Practice' offers full certification under the auspicesof the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). This guarantees the new building for 6-years from the date of the issue of final certification. Although this is 4-years less than the NHBC et al guarantees, the 'professional certification' process covers all matters fully, unlike the NHBC certification process that reduces the areas that are covered after 3 years.


Therefore professional certification gives the client far more time for the resolution of defects if they happen.


Added to the above, professional certification is a great deal more cost effective than other insurance guarantees and is usually 50% of NHBC costs at least.



Retrospective Building Regulations Certification

At times, clients obtain planning permission, but they do not obtain building regulation's approval under the Building Act 1984. This is usually because generally people who have little knowledge of the building industry wrongly assume that planning permission covers everything. Unfortunately planning and building control are totally separate undertakings in the eyes of the law. Planning is for environmental, aesthetics and compliance with area standards in terms of general accepted parameters. Building regulations addresses the structural and integrity of the building or extension. Running foul of either can be enforced through the Courts and where even demolition can be the outcome.


This 'Practice' undertakes retrospective certification through reports so that you do comply with the law. As an example, the problem will raise its ugly head when you eventually come to sell your property and it is found to be illegal. Therefore for peace-of-mind, contact us if this ever happens to you.




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