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Insurance Claims - Subsidence & Insurance Covered Building Defects


The 'Practice' has been involved with insurance claims for many years dealing with major insurance companies such as Norwich Union Plc (Aviva Plc - Britain's largest insurance provider) and their insurance assessors. This work has covered subsidence problems and building repairs due to movement to the value of 350,000.


General problems are relatively easy to fix through 'masonry-stitching et al, and where underpinning and piling support methods  are only used in extreme cases.


It is of paramount consideration that clients who suffer from building damage and are involved with insurance claims, have an 'independent' consultant advising them. This is so that he or she is represented by a professional engineer who is unbiased and free from commercial interests.

Indeed, without this, how does the client know what others are telling him or her is right or wrong.


Added to this the client needs to know that the solutions and recommendations are satisfactory and that the works upon completion, are as good or better than the building before actual damage occurred.

This is to totally safeguard the clients interests and where the appointment of an independent engineer, other than recommended by the insurance assessors, is acceptable to insurance companies. In this respect the client is the one who can dictate who will look after his or her interests. Therefore make sure that in the event of a building failure or structural damage, that you obtain someone working solely in your interests and not those of possibly others. A wise person should do this.


This 'Practice' undertakes all that is necessary to deal with your claim through your insurer. We advise throughout the whole process from Day-1.


Services include,


  • Immediate visit to the damaged property or structure for an initial appraisal of the situation
  • Liaising with the insurance assessors on your behalf
  • Undertaking a damage report and recommendations for repair and remedial works as necessary
  • Undertake the tendering process and obtain competitive quotations for the work from 'competent' builders
  • Design the engineering remediation works and provide their structural and civil engineering calculations
  • Produce engineering technical drawings and design sketches 
  • Manage the whole building repair process to a satisfactory completion
  • Deal with the representatives of your insurance company and their appointed assessors
  • Provide a project file at the end of the works for the client's reference


Remember it should not cost you a penny if you commission the services of an 'independent' engineer, as your insurance company pay the fees of design, project management and monitoring costs directly to your engineer.


Therefore for peace-of-mind, please contact us for our friendly advice and prompt responses to your problems. We understand in this respect that a swift solution is the only way to get matters back to where they were and where insurance claims can be very stressful to those concerned.



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Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                







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