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CDM Coordinator - Client's H&S Adviser



The client has a duty under the H&S CDM Regulations 2007 to appoint a CDM Coordinator as soon as possible and where no commercial or industrial project can commence on site without doing so. Therefore the appointment is a crucial and legal requirement on the client.


The criteria is for a project to be notifiable is that the construction projects has to last more that 30 days or involve more than 500 person days of construction work. More sizable projects easily reach this criteria and therefore most projects are notifiable (not residential though which is total exempt from the Regulations).



The CDM 2007 Regulations are divided into 5 parts:

  • Part 1 deals with the application of the Regulations and definitions.
  • Part 2 covers general duties that apply to all construction projects.
  • Part 3 contains additional duties that only apply to notifiable construction projects, i.e. those lasting more that 30 days or involving more than 500 person days of construction work.
  • Part 4 contains practical requirements that apply to all construction sites.
  • Part 5 contains the transitional arrangements and revocations.



Therefore the client has to be fully aware of his duties under the Regulations, as a breach can mean prosecution and a prison sentence where a breach is made.


The 'Practice' advises clients on their duties and undertakes all responsibilities as a CDM Coordinator under the Regulations.


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