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Expert Witness Services



The 'Practice' offers expert witness services for the client.


Unfortunately the building industry is 'afflicted' by bad workmanship and the so-called 'cowboy builders'. If the client is affected by such problems it may cost thousands, tens-of-thousands and even hundreds-of-thousands to put right. For in some instances local authorities through their building control department totally condemn the works and where all has to be demolished and rebuilt. These things happen more than people really think.


One of the usual situations is that a 'best' friend, friend or family relation has recommended a so-called builder. We have been commissioned by a few clients where this has happened over the years. But, where building is a 'horses-for-courses' situation and where a builder may have knocked through a doorway in a building, but is not competent to build a house extension for example. In this respect also trade membership is no guarantee that a builder is competent to undertake your work as cases are constantly cropping up where the poor builder, once found out, can also bw a member of such trade organizations.


Therefore it is always best to obtain at least three recommendations for a builder, which are current or where similar work has been undertaken no more than 12 months prior. This is a good guide but where the best selection process is through a construction professional who has determined over many years which builders can perform and which builders cannot.


Construction cases are so complex that if the problem is a major issue (bad workmanship et al costing over 50,000 to put right), our 'Practice' deals with only highly skilled solicitors that have specialised construction law departments. These in the main are based in Leeds in the West Yorkshire area. Indeed, special 'construction Courts' have been created by the government to deal specifically with construction cases due to the complexity of some cases. These Courts are equivalent to the high Courts, but where the judge is usually a former QC who has specialised in construction law cases most of his professional life. Therefore the judges in these Courts are well qualified to hear such cases.


The 'Practice' offers,


  • Initial consultations (first half-hour is free)
  • Determination and analysis if the case is a strong one. In this respect we shall advise on the probability of success and the probable costs.
  • Client technical adviser
  • Site surveys for Court actions
  • Court reports and reporting
  • Introduction to the client of the specialist construction law solicitors
  • Liaison and advising the specialist construction law solicitors
  • Attending Court as an expert witness
  • Supporting any post-Court work
  • Advising the client on 'competent' builders to put the works right and obtaining competitive tenders
  • Project management of the remediation works to a satisfactory completion
  • Professional certification of the remediation works upon completion for future sale and the building regulations.


Therefore for peace-of-mind and to start on the right foot, contact this 'Practice' for expert witness advice based upon over 15-years of hands-on experience.



Office Contact - 01484.461193                          


Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                              






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