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House Alterations and Building Conversions


House alterations combined with building conversions are the most prolific and diverse of all building projects undertaken.


These projects cover,

  • Loft conversions - modern roof trussed roofs modified through substitution design and construction
  • Loft conversions - traditional roof constructions (purlins & rafters)
  • Dormer Window additions - large and small
  • Structural beam and column insertions - to support load-bearing walls, floors and roofs
  • External load-bearing openings - for the formation of new external doorways, windows and acces to new extensions
  • Internal increased areas - removal of load-bearing walls and floors and supporting with structural steelwork
  • Basement formations - third level extensions below ground level
  • Additional floor level - increasing a home to three-stories
  • Balcony formations
  • Barn conversions
  • Domestic extensions
  • New or altered driveways
  • Retaining garden walls
  • Change of use of building types - from residential to commercial to industrial and back again
  • New or additional garage
  • Bedroom extensions
  • Office formations
  • Kitchen alterations & extensions
  • Additional staircases or revised staircase locations




Loft Conversions

1. Modern Trussed Roof Conversions - Modern trussed roofs are highly effective, complex and cost-effective when they are initially installed, but converting them requires an understanding of engineering substitution designs. This is therefore an engineering problem and not an architectural problem. Indeed, we have had instances where our clients have informed us that architects who had previously visited them, stated that the only solution was to take the roof and start a fresh. This advice is incorrect and where the client has to pay out thousands of pounds more if they accept this advice. In this respect as a single example on a very large loft conversion project in the New Mill area of Huddersfield, the client saved around 38,000 undertaking this substitution process in 2004.

These form of modifications usually involve the insertion of steel beams, timber structural partitions and alternative bracing.


2. Traditional Roof/Loft Conversions -  Most roofs, as long as they have a minimum floor to ridge level of at least 2.20 metres, are capable of being converted to provide a new bedroom(s), children's play areas or new office environment et al. With a combination of new structural steel beams (and columns where necessary at times) and substitution construction, a loft/roof conversion can add a whole new dimension to a property and increase its marketable value.

Dormer windows can be incorporated into schemes where this is advantageous for the client, but where for most situations, 'velux' or equivalent roof windows are standard installations to provide natural light and extensive views.

Therefore when increased family requirements or commercial interests dictate, a roof area conversion is most probably the most cost-effective thing to do.



This 'Practice' has many years of conversion works experience. Therefore for all your needs in this respect, please contact us for advice and a service second to none. You will not be disappointed we can assure you !



Office Contact - 01484.461193                          


Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                







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