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The 'Practice' has been involved with religious buildings for several years and where even in the 1970s, the principal of this 'Practice' Dr David Hill designed plywood box-beams for a Mosque building in Huddersfield. Added to this Dr. Hill worked on a number of YMCA projects that built and maintained Christian churches in West and South Yorkshire in the 1980s. Therefore the pedigree of knowledge of involvement in religious buildings goes back over 30-years.



Recent involvements have been in the building of a Mosque and Education Centre in Keighley (still under construction), Major Internal Alterations to Thornton Lodge Mosque, Basement Extension at Birkby Mosque and previous structural modifications at St. Johns in Brighouse.



Therefore if it is new build or a building alteration(s) and extension(s) project, we can offer a first-class service together with planned maintenance regimes if required to keep your buildings in good structural order over the years. Indeed, planned maintenance programmes in the long-term are the most cost-effective way to look after your building(s), as once a building becomes increasingly redundant, the costs escalate exponentially.




Some references from Mosque and Church clients:


We got in touch with Dr David Hill after consulting a number of other structural engineers.  We have found Dr Hill to be a blessing is disguise as without his knowledge and experience we would have struggled to get our project completed at the Mosque.  Dr Hill's design for the Mosque extension has received much  Praise from within the community and he will definitely be our first point of call for any future works.  He is extremely friendly and approachable and it has been a pleasure working with him.

Abdul Ali, Mosque Noor, Huddersfield - 18 August 2012





  • On behalf of the Ghosiyah Association I would like to thank Dr David Hill for works undertaken on our current project. Dr Hill's help has been invaluable on this project and quite frankly this project would have been a struggle in his absence. The project itself involved the building of a new Masjid and Education Centre within Keighley, the centre ultimately will become a learning centre for the local community in Keighley. With a limited budget and under experienced construction team, the project has posed many challenges from the outset, including structural design work, modifying plans to meet a change of circumstances and also consultancy for our construction team. Dr Hill has been extremely helpful, courteous and honest. He has been available to the Association and the construction team both over the phone in a consultancy capacity and also on-site in a more hands-on role.

    Dr Hill, clearly possesses excellent knowledge and skills in structural engineering, project management and also inventory planning. The project is still ongoing, however, with Dr Hills help we have successfully managed to complete the challenging aspects of the work and the Association is now extremely pleased with the progress. Furthermore, with Dr Hill's help we have now successfully submitted further plans to the local council for an extension to the existing site, and the Association can now meet the changing needs of the community.  Dr Hill has proven to be reliable, honest, punctual and excellent with both his oral and written communication. Both myself and the Association would have no hesitation in using Dr Hillís services again and would be more than happy to recommend Dr Hillís services to others.


          Qadir Hussain BSc (Hons)

          Ghosiyah Association Advisor

          Keighley, West Yorkshire

          September 2009) 





                             David was initially approached to provide structural advice for the

                     development and expansion of the Masjid Basement at 62 Halifax Old Road,

                     his role has developed as the project has progressed and he has become 

                     an trusted consultant/advisor to the Masjid, he is very approachable, ready to

                     offer and accept advice and always does more than required in order to meet

                     agreed deadlines for the ongoing development work at the masjid, the

                     amounts charged for the work undertaken are reasonable and competitive.


                                                                                                                    Imran Khan

Technical Liaison Representative

Jamia Salafia Masjid Ė Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith

August 2012



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