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Dilapidations Reports


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Dilapidations Reports



Dilapidation reports are usually undertaken to determine what remedial building and engineering works are required to bring a building or property up to an acceptable modern standard. They are predominantly provider for the client to determine whether it is financially more cost-effective for his investment, to either rectify the building or to demolish it and start with a brand new building.

They are therefore an important aid for investment decisions, as they incorporate the basis and extent of repair works necessary together with an accurate cost estimate to undertake such works. Most buildings and properties are more cost-effective to modify and remediate, but where at times it has been analysed where the building be demolished so as to save the client on his or her investment costs.

Another factor is whether a refurbished building will suit the operational or living requirements upon completion. In this respect it is no good to invest substantial investment sums, when the end product is not satisfactory.


Dilapidation reports consist of,

  • Client brief and discussions statement
  • Site survey
  • Feasibility architectural scheme drawings for costing  purposes - the client's outline scheme
  • Compilation of a Schedule of Condition (SofC)
  • Engineering solutions
  • Quantity surveying and costings analysis
  • Recommendations to the client and reporting



Costs of Dilapidations Reports

Dilapidations reports vary considerably, depending on their complexity and the engineering solutions necessary to rectify a structure. Therefore these reports are usually undertaken on a diarised time and agreed hourly professional rate. These reports are factual and allow the client to make the right financial decision. They are therefore cost-effective documents that overall, save the client substantial sums in the long term.  Indeed, the right information, whether buying or renovating a property, has saved clients literally thousands of pounds in the past - for they were fully aware of what they were buying in the first place. Many have been able on the basis of substantial detailed grounds, to reduce purchase prices and therefore their investment accodingly.



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Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                





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