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Other than the 'product' services that we offer, the practice goes further than most other design and project management practices. As an example we take pride in advising our clients on 'competent' builders who will provide a cost-effective solution together with providing high quality work completed on time. We provide these free recommendations as we are fully aware that a client's project success relies to a great extent on the choice of builder or contractor. Indeed, our experience has shown through the 'Courts' that overall builder choice is a 'horses for courses' situation and where competencies have to be appropriate. Indeed the CDM Regulations 2007 for all notifiable projects makes it mandatory that builders and contractors are selected on 'relevant' competencies and proven abilities.


Therefore builder selection is probably the most important decision that a client can make after the selection of his design adviser and this has not to be under estimated. In this respect many do and where friends and relative recommendations fall foul of the standards required - see Expert Witness Services for examples of this.





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Office Contact - 01484.461193 


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Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY           







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