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Architectural Designs - Planning Submissions & Approvals


Obtaining ‘Planning Permission’ is usually the first step in the design and building process. Without this approval, a project should not legally proceed.


Therefore it is of paramount importance that once the client has decided to undertake a building project, that he or she obtains formal agreement from the Local Authority.


There are two main forms of planning approval.

  • Outline Planning Approval
  • Full Planning Approval


1. Outline Planning Approval - the two-stage process

This form of approval is used where there is a reasonable chance that local objections will be raised and that the building scheme does not blend in with the surrounding area or the local planning officer's criteria for the district. Therefore outline planning approval should be sought if there are possibly contentious issues related to the scheme or where the site is considered to be a problem site.

If this is the case, an off-the-record meeting with the local planning officer on behalf of the client may very well be appropriate in the first instance.

There are advantages and disadvantage for the adoption of a two stage process. The advantage is that the client can ascertain whether his scheme will obtain planning permission at least initial costs. The disadvantages are that it takes approximately twice as long when eventually combined with the full planning process (up to 4-months alone or longer for the planning permission to be approved or declined by the planning department) and the combined long-term costs are higher.


2. Full Planning Permission - the one-stage process

This form of submission for approval is when the project scheme is in-keeping with the local building surroundings and complies with general planning guide-lines set down by the local planning department for the area concerned.


Detailed information on individual aspects of building types are given in the side-index, and you are respectfully referred to those pages.


These include,


  • Domestic House Extensions
  • Internal Building Alterations Projects
  • New Homes - Self Build
  • New Homes - Eco Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Planning Appeals - Representations to the Secretary-of-State


But, all planning submissions and approvals usually follow the same format that consists of,


  • Client visit and discussions
  • Sketch scheme drawings of the client's requirements
  • Discussions with the local planning officer (if deemed necessary where the project might be contentious )
  • 2nd client visit (or several) to finally determine the scheme drawings
  • Further discussions prior to submission to the local authority with the planning officer (if deemed necessary due to the nature of the project). In this respect if the planners have concerns with regard to the project scheme and neighbourhood objections are forthcoming, it has to be noted that several meetings with the planning officer may be required
  • Completed planning drawings and submission
  • Planning approval obtained or refused


If planning refusal is pronounced on the project scheme by the local authority planners, respectfully refer to 'Planning Appeals' in the index listing.


Note that 95% of all planning submissions, if designed to accepted local norms and standards, obtain outline or full planning permission throughout England and Wales.



Office Contact - 01484.461193                          


Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY           


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The planning process can be seen as a very daunting and 

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