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  Domestic Home Extensions


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Domestic Home Extensions


Building extensions to homes in the United Kingdom are one of the most numerous form of development. But, they are also one of the most diverse in their constructions and quality.


It is therefore what the client wishes to create for his family and their long-term perspectives that determines what shall be constructed in most cases. This long-term commitment may involve a phased plan where a kitchen is extended to form a much larger existing kitchen arrangement with additional bedrooms above, then a new bathroom and finally some internal alterations. Conservatories are also a frequent addition to homes, but where again it has to be said that the diversity is vast.  



The main reasons why people undertake home extensions are,



  • An increase in family numbers so an extra bedroom and larger property is required without moving
  • A better living environment
  • A more modern living environment
  • Requirement for an office and working from home
  • The need for a granny flat
  • A children's play area
  • A utility room
  • Garage whether single, double or multi
  • Private Workshop (but where there can be restrictions here)
  • Games room




On the other hand, a small or even large developer of residential properties may most probably wish to maximise his investment and whether a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom extension is the best investment to suit this criteria is a highly debateable issue. For long-term financial investment structures require benefit analysis which this practice undertakes.


Over the years the practice has been involved with numerous extensions from single storey extensions to large multi-extension projects that double the size of a property. Indeed some as an example have required innovative solution using internal steel columns and beams to support cantilever arrangements.


Therefore whatever your requirements are as a client, this practice can solve and provide all the possible means to achieve your vision of what should be and at a very cost-effective price.


We pride ourselves in offering complete peace-of-mind building structures for all our clients, and designs that are innovative and of structurally sound order. Indeed, building extensions that will stand the test-of-time and add long-term value to your property. This we guarantee.




Office Contact - 01484.461193                          


Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY                                







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