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Our Engineers are Qualified to MSc higher degree level, Chartered Engineers (CEng) and members of the

Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)


Also our Chartered Building Surveyors have over 30-years problem-free and peace-of-mind experience for our Clients and are Fellows of the Royal

Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) - the highest award of 'Distinction' of the RICS and where out of a membership of over

160,000 worldwide there are less than 4,000 Fellows



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  Structural Reports &  Calculations West  



A Structural building report is essential during a property purchase because it informs the buyer of any potential problems or structural damage, allowing them to make an informed decision about their investment. Since a property is a major investment of time and money, it's crucial that purchasers know of any structural problems before purchasing a property as structural probems are always the most expensive to solve.


Reports are also needed during construction to ensure that everything is viable, realistic, and can be achieved within the budget. One of the services the practise offers is the preparation of structural reports and calculations in West Yorkshire and throughout the UK. Their reports will determine whether a structure qualifies for building regulations approval, allowing your project to go ahead with no hold-ups or hassle.


The Practice is able to carry out structural reports OR calculations for many different kinds of projects, including commercial and domestic builds, multi-storey car parks, extensions, renovations, apartment blocks and many more. If you would like to learn more about the services they provide, you can get in touch with them today by calling the office on 01484 461193.


Dr David Stuart Hill Structural & Civil Engineer is a highly experienced practice carrying out a wide range of project management and design services for all kinds of properties. They have experience working with all kinds of properties across many years, and this knowledge marks them out as leaders in their field. Whether you need them to deal with a single aspect of a property or project we provide a complete management design service that delivers peace-of-mind for the client and complete structural integrity.



Some recent Feedback/References from Clients and what they think of our   

 Professional Practice and Service provided


Feedback 1

"Many thanks for your structural report on our property. Buying a neglected 
200-year old property was an overwhelming prospect, but your understandable, 
no-nonsense, advice was invaluable to us. The report was comprehensive and clear, 
backed up by photographic evidence and excellent advice on what to do in each room. 
We also found it very useful that the report included a list of essential/advisable 
repairs with estimated costs for each or them. We appreciated your availability to 
answer our questions after the survey was handed over to us. It all contributed to 
a very professional and personalised service. At last, a property survey worth its 
Prof. Dimitris Papadimitriou" - 17 August 2012


Feedback 2

"I was very impressed with Dr Hill's services - I needed an urgent building and 
structural survey which he was able to organise within a few days - a few days 
after visiting the property he e-mailed the survey report to me - his report was 
extremely comprehensive including photographs and really clear written 
detail - this survey report provided a true appraisal of the property, giving me 
confidence to proceed with the purchase - I would definitely use Dr Hill again." 
Debbie Dean - 16 August 2012


Feedback 3

"We required the services of Dr David Hill back in November, we asked him to attend a property we were looking at purchasing but with it being an old property we were unsure of its condition, Mr Hill was very prompt he attended
that same week, and the feedback we received was extremely thorough and professional so much so that we
decided what he had found was going to cost us too much to put right, so we decided to pull out of the purchase, 
which saved us a lot of money in the future.
I would certainly recommend his services.
Jon Howard" - 17 August 2012


Feedback 4

To whom it may concern.

We chose Dr David Hill from the local surveyors website, and we are so pleased we did. The property to be surveyed was an 1800’s cottage and we were concerned about one  or two things. Dr. Hill carried out the survey within the agreed time scale and a concise report followed promptly. The report was clear and easily understood with photographs. Dr. Hill explained the issues relating to buildings of this age in layman terms and gave appropriate advice and estimated cost of remedial work. There was a couple of queries which arose at a later date and Dr. Hill was very helpful in giving advice on these issues. We would highly recommend Dr. Hill to anyone wanting a building survey.


Terry and Jean Leach

16 Pecket Well Mill, Pecket Well, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8QY 



Office Contact - 01484.461193

Direct Contact - 07880661574          


Office: 48 Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4HY        



Selection of a Few recent but Diverse Structural Calculations schemes, Surveys and Reports

undertaken by this Chartered Practice over the Last 2 Years (2010-2012)


             These include residential bungalows, houses from one-bed to six bedroom, commercial properties, industrial

             properties churches and religious education centres and former schools and education institutions











Further Recent Feedback from Clients 


    Feedback 5

  "I retained Dr Hill in late 2011 for a large basement conversion that ran for over 8 months, and included

   underpinning and large internal steel supports.  Dr Hill's advice was invaluable. His pro-active forward thinking   

   approach not only highlighted issues we had not considered but he was able to offer solutions that were more

   cost affective. The quality and clarity of his reports meant the contractors were able to get on with the job

   quickly and accurately saving me time and money."

  Tasaddat Hussain

  Barrister at Law - Lincoln's Inn  - 16 August 2012




   Feedback 6

   18 August 2012


   Dr David Hill was one of two Building Surveyors recommended to us by our Solicitors when we were considering   

   purchasing our bungalow. We were so impressed by David’s pleasant yet professional manner even on the

   telephone that we immediately decided to use his services without recourse to the other recommended Surveyor.

   David undertook the survey promptly, efficiently and most professionally. His subsequent report to us was most    

   comprehensive being reinforced by first class photography of every aspect of his investigation. We raised a good    

   number queries with him on various points of his report and he dealt with these fully, courteously and most

   patiently, advising us as to what remedial work was necessary and how it should be undertaken. His great range

   of knowledge and qualifications relating to every aspect of building and construction was very reassuring to us

   thus enabling us to feel confident that we were armed with a full and correct appraisal of the property we were  

   contemplating buying. We will not hesitate to use his services again if the need arises nor will we hesitate to   

   recommend him to any person, company or organisation.


   Roy and Barbara Wilcock




    Feedback 7

 We got in touch with Dr David Hill after consulting a number of other structural engineers.  
 We have found Dr Hill to be a blessing is disguise as without his knowledge and experience 
 we would have struggled to get our project completed at the Mosque.  Dr Hill's design for the 
 Mosque extension has received much praise from within the community and he will definitely be 
 our first point of call for any future works.  He is extremely friendly and approachable and 
 it has been a pleasure working with him.
 Abdul Ali, 
 Project Coordinator
 Mosque Noor Huddersfield
 18 August 2012



    Feedback 8

    I first contacted David when i had structural problems with a house i had already purchased. From the start David went above and 

    beyond my expectations. As a complete novice trying to deal with a number of issues I have definitely found that David has helped

    me through the whole of the renovation process. David has been available and contactable and given me great advice on the journey,

    I have recommended him to others already and will continue to do so.


    Craig Wood

    Managing Director

    ERS International Group/and Property Purchaser

    21 August 2012



   Feedback 9

   1.  I had problems with a builder who presented himself as professional, attentive, and competent. He later became deceitful  

   and underhandedly controlling. The work became more extensive and his invoicing more misleading and confusing. The costs 

   escalated. When we complained about some faulty work, he became evasive and denying responsibility and when I refused to

   pay him all the money, he threatened  me with court action. Trading Standards and Consumer Protection agencies didn’t help 

   because it was so complex. I felt victimised and betrayed with no one able to help. I contacted Dr David Hill who was a

   Chartered Building Surveyor.


   I had asked Dr Hill to help me identify the faulty building works. Dr Hill made an independent assessment and analysis of the

   building works undertaken, I was surprised and grateful when he brought to my attention many things that I would not have

   been aware of myself, and found evidence that I had been grossly overcharged. I was trying hard to explain to Dr Hill the 18 

   months of complicated dealings that I had with the builder but he made it easy for me, it was then that I became aware, not

   only of Dr Hill’s professional ability and expertise but also of the ease I had in communicating with him. He was assessing and

   prioritising the information he needed from me in order to complete his report, reiterating it back to me, always remaining

   fair and impartial. He was calm and I was aware that he was kind and understanding of my situation, I felt enormously relieved.


   Dr Hill was consistently reliable and honest, never overstating or misleading. He explained much more than the standards of the

   building works to me. He explained my rights, simplified the legalities by explaining the court procedures and how to deal with

   the paperwork, time scales, which people to speak to and what to ask and tell them, whether I might need to consult a solicitor

   and for what reason. He made everything clear and pointed the way forward for me. He provided me with information,

   support and guidance, which lead me to the knowledge that I would be able to confidently fight this builder and if necessary

   go to court. In the end I did go to court, armed with Dr Hill’s  report, knowing that if the case was to escalate further he

   would be able to act for me in court himself. It did not have to go further, the judge ruled in my favour after reading all the  


    2.   I had two disputes ongoing at the same time, one with a builder which Dr Hill’s report helped me to win and I did not have 

   to pay the builder all the money he was demanding. The other was a boundary dispute with my neighbour.  The advice

   I received from Dr Hill helped me assess my actions accordingly. I knew that his considerable expertise was invaluable to me  

   and enabled me to fight my case to a successful conclusion, this has made an enormous difference to what the alterative would

   have been.


      Elayne Rushton

      Marsden, Huddersfield

      21 August 2012








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